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What does


Impakt Tribe is the first impact only matchmaking platform to connect Impact start-ups to a big international network of Impact investors.
We help you to optimize your Impact business and get your company 100% ready for fund raising, by optimizing the documents, valuing the investment proposition and approaching the right Impact investors for the best deal. We like to keep it simple & short (KISS) we only have three steps we offer in the process to success.



In cooperation with the start-up we make a professional Impact Investor deck and financial plan. Smart tools and our online platform are used for an efficient process. 


The start-up is placed on the Tribe-only platform and is presented to our international network of Impact investors, which all are serious and active informal Impact investors.


If desired, we support impact start-ups and impact investors in the negotiations and due diligence so that the process can go faster and an optimal deal will be achieved.

If I had known


If I had known


Why would you want to create everything from the ground up when you have templates that will save you tons of time?

The topics we are going to help you with are:

Impact Investor Deck

Build together a compelling story for Impact investors captured in an Investor deck

Financial Modeling

How to put together an outstanding financial model

Running your campaign

We will introduce you to our Int. group of Impact Investors

Terms sheets

What to look for and how to negotiate

Growth & Assumptions

Identify “key drivers” and create the right approach together

Valuation of company

How to value your company

Corporate Structure

Cleaning up the structure and process addressing potential issues

Due Diligence

How to navigate the due diligence

Legal Agreement Templates

This includes term sheets, convertible notes, NDA, shareholders agreement etc.

Fundraising Strategy

Mastering the strategy behind capital raising efforts

Go to Market Strategy

How you are going to approach your T.A. and get them into your sales funnel.


Running an company is ‘topsport’ which needs the right Mindset
Sustainable development


Sustainable development


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) challenge all entrepreneurs and investors to measure and manage their impact on people and the planet – positive and negative, intended and unintended. These Global Goals provide a common ground for previously siloed tribes. They apply to big and small enterprises, public and private capital markets, and development finance. They are as relevant to entrepreneurs and investors focused on ESG risk management as to those focused on positive intended theories of change.

The SDGs call for a united effort to achieve a shared set of targets and indicators, within which businesses and investors can differentiate and communicate their roles based on their

Apart from helping impact companies achieve their SDG goals, Impakt Tribe has embraced goal #17- “Partnership for the goals”. social / environmental goals and performance. Impakt Tribe works together with the top tier companies who are able to measure this to understand the impact performance of different Impact entrepreneurs and investments against the SDGs.





Learn how to build an Impact Investor deck that Impact Investors want to read!

Note: Note that according to research done by DocSend, investors spend on average 3 minutes and 44 seconds per investor deck.