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How is Impakt Tribe different from other matchmaking platforms?

Impakt Tribe has a clear vision and focus to work only with impact driven companies and connect them with impact investors you can say we are the expert in this area!

Can I start right now?

Yes. please book a time slot in our online agenda or contact us so we can make an appointment with one of our experts at hello@impakttribe.com

Do you also help with our Go to Market strategy?

Yes, this is one of our strong points and is very important to sell your proposition towards investors, many of the marketing strategies that we can help you with requires you to start well in advance of when you plan to launch. It’s never too soon and my advice is always to start before you’re ready.

In other words, if your end goal is to make your Go to market strategy stronger, you’ll want to start building your audience, finding your target customer and testing the market. Impakt tribe will help you get clear on how to do that.

Do you also help with our financial modelling?

Yes, we do this as well investors are very keen on numbers and the traction you already have from the market to make better financial projections which they can rely on it is all about trust.

What are impact investments?

In boring terms, Impact investments are ‘investments that primarily aim at positive social effects. Financial returns are important, but not the most important. The investor’s investment is primarily intended to generate social impact (impact first).’

At Impakt Tribe, we break things down into the why, who, and what of impact. We talk about investing as ‘taking care of the Tribe’, which means ensuring that we, our families, neighbours, community, planet, and future generations have access to the essential resources needed to survive, grow and be happy.

To survive, grow, and be happy.

We, our families, neighbours, community, planet, and future generations.

Access to the essential resources.

It’s a Win-Win-Win.

Is Impakt Tribe exclusive to Impact entrepreneurs in NL?

This Tribe is for any Impact entrepreneur. You can live anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection 🙂

Does your Investor deck work for all sorts of impact companies?

The short answer is, yes. The methodology how to build an Impact Investor deck (developed by Impakt tribe) can be applied to any kind of Impact driven businesses.

While the examples we use throughout building the Investor deck may not reflect your specific solution, product, the method behind building a successful Impact Investor deck and running a successful investor campaign is universal.

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Learn how to build an Impact Investor deck that Impact Investors want to read!

Note: Note that according to research done by DocSend, investors spend on average 3 minutes and 44 seconds per investor deck.